Equatorial Guinea online casinos.

There are currently three nations in Central Africa with the name “Guinea” Today’s concentration is on Equatorial Guinea, one of the world’s least visited countries! We will focus predominantly on the gambling paradigm in the country.

Throughout this guide, we will discuss the history of wagering in the country, whether or not you can play at online casinos, whether or not you can participate in sports betting, and a great deal more.

Gambling’s Past in Equatorial Guinea


The majority of countries on the African continent were French colonies. Equatorial Guinea is an obvious exception because it was a Spanish colony. It obtained independence around the same time as other Central African nations, in 1968. At that time, wagering was prohibited.


Last in 1995, the government decided to legalize gambling with Ley Num. 2/1995 por la que se regula las modalidades de autorizacion, explotacion y control de los juegos de recreo y de azar en la republica de Guinea Equatoria. In plain English, it is the Recreational Gambling Act of 1995.


The original law authorized poker, gambling machines, card games, keno, bingo, and lotteries. Due to the law, there are now numerous online lottery casino sites in the United States.


Equatorial Guinea Gambling Law

Currently, Equatorial Guinea’s wagering laws only regulate land-based gambling. Prospective proprietors are required to obtain a license from the Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Francophone Affairs. Even the 2005 update to the Gambling Act did not include the concept of online casinos.


Regarding online wagering, there is no oversight. It implies you can play casino games at any time on international sites.


Land-Based Casinos in Equatorial Guinea

As you are already aware, land-based wagering in the country is properly regulated, allowing tourists and locals to play casino games. There are six land-based casinos in the nation despite the country’s sluggish economy and lack of tourism.


Casino Joker, Casino El Barco, Casino Joker Bata, etc. These casinos are all located in Malabo, the nation’s capital.


Online Gambling in Equatorial Guinea: The Future

The prevalence of online wagering in any country is directly proportional to the internet penetration rate and the national economy. The economy of Equatorial Guinea is weak, but it has tremendous potential for the future.


The internet penetration rate is among the greatest among neighboring nations at 26.2%. However, it remains significantly below the global average. As the number of Internet consumers grows, we can anticipate a prosperous future for iGaming.



Yes, online wagering in Equatorial Guinea is recommended by us. Due to the fact that the practice is unregulated, you are free to engage in all types of top casino games and wagering online without breaking any laws. Additionally, numerous reputable operators allow players from the nation.



Here are a few of the most frequently asked queries about casinos in Equatorial Guinea. Take a glance at them below:


Are online casinos permitted in Equatorial Guinea?


The answer is both affirmative and negative. The government of Equatorial Guinea does not regulate online gambling in any form. Therefore, it is not expressly prohibited. However, because there are no regulations, Equatoguineans are not prohibited from playing the activities.


Which online casino is the finest in Equatorial Guinea?


The finest online casino for you is the one with which you feel the most comfortable. Our experts have evaluated a variety of brands in order to examine their various characteristics. And according to our research, 888 casino is currently the finest.


Which online casinos in Equatorial Guinea have the highest payouts?


Almost every online casino on our list has an excellent payout percentage. You cannot make a mistake with any of them. But if you want the greatest payout, you should visit PlayLuck casino.






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